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  • waffoo


    I made a “Row” with Coblocks, then saved it as reusable so I could apply it to every post on my site. I made a lot of tweaks to make it just right. When I went to edit a previous post to add the saved Reusable block, it shows up but all the padding and margins didn’t apply. I can see that they are the same settings/numbers as the first one I created, but it just doesn’t show up/applied to the actual site (I haven’t published the update since the row block is broken, so I’m just “Previewing” my changes). The previous posts were created before WordPress 5.0 and are “Classic”. Would that make a difference? I’m creating the row coblock outside and below the “Classic” block.

    I’ve also tried to adjust the new row block’s (that I selected through “Reusable”) margin and padding settings to increase it and see if it would work, but when I view the “Preview” webpage nothing changes. Any ideas? Recreating this block manually for every previous post I have would be a huge pain. Any ideas?

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  • Plugin Author Anthony Ledesma


    Hi @waffoo,

    I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue. Sadly we have a bug which is causing the behavior that you report. Its a known issue that our development team is working to address. Clearly duplicating a row block is a feature that people need and your support request brings needed attention to this issue.

    You may follow along with our progress on fixing this issue here:

    I will write to you here when we are able to make some progress in resolving this bug.

    Best regards,


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