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  • I cloned a page. I edited the new page. The new page does NOT use any of my Reusable Blocks.

    When I go to publish, it says I MUST save 3 Reusable Blocks.

    “Select the changes you want to save
    Some changes may affect other areas of your site.”

    These 3 blocks are a blck I use at the end of a post. They are for different categories. IE you would only ever use ONE of these in a post, never 3.

    So why am I forced to save changes to these blocks that don’t exist in my page? Why can’t I do anything unless I save (damage) these Reusable Blocks?

    I can’t even discard my changes, because discard only refers to this page. The Reusable Blocks are still “changed” and MUST be saved next time I open this page.

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