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  • Hi-
    Running latest versions of WP & CDN sync, using Amazon S3….
    Sync runs properly until it encounters an 88MB PDF file (which BTW was too large to add to WP using Add Media because my shared hosting limits upload sizes to 64MB, so I FTPd it into the directory). After that file, the CDN Sync Tool uploads every file, whether or not it already exists on S3, and then stalls at 1201/1305 files (#1201 is a tiny .js file). I’ve tried 4 times with the same result. Any ideas? Here is the report:
    Syncing [67/1305] 2011/07/decorah_posten.jpg skipped, already synced
    Syncing [68/1305] 2011/07/decorah_posten-150×150.jpg skipped, already synced
    Syncing [69/1305] 2011/07/decorah_posten-300×153.jpg skipped, already synced
    Syncing [70/1305] 2011/07/decorah_posten-800×198.jpg skipped, already synced
    Syncing [71/1305] 2011/07/History_of_Houston_County_Minnesota.pdf done
    Syncing [72/1305] 2011/07/bergen_1860s.jpg done
    Syncing [73/1305] 2011/07/bergen_1860s-150×150.jpg done
    Syncing [74/1305] 2011/07/bergen_1860s-217×300.jpg done
    Syncing [75/1305] 2011/07/bergen_1860s-742×198.jpg done
    Syncing [76/1305] wp-includes/js/ done
    Syncing [77/1305] wp-includes/js/ done
    Syncing [78/1305] wp-includes/js/prototype.js done
    Syncing [79/1305] wp-includes/js/hoverIntent.js done

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