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  • I have email links on my site both as text and images. After the email is sent, the page stays on the email host and the user has to do a “back arrow” to come back to the website. Is there any way to redirect the user to a webpage after the email is completed?

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  • That depends completely on whatever service you’re using to send the emails through. I’m guessing that the emails are sent via an external site/system? You’ll need to contact them and ask what’s available.

    cat:)…No the emails are sent from what ever system the user normally uses. The email link on my site sends an email to people at my office. When someone clicks on the link they are taken to their own email service.
    I realized one option might be to open the email in a separate window that could be closed after the email was sent. That way you never really leave the website.

    Ah Ok. That’s completely differnt.

    using that sort of system, no there is no way that you can control what the user does and what they see after they send the message.

    If you want to do any sort of confirmation or redirection you need to use an o-page contact form – not a <a href="mailto:..."> link. There’s a lot of ones out there that you can use.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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