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    If a user advances to a future month on the main calendar page, then clicks on an individual event, then clicks the back button, they are returned to the current month since the advancement to the future month happened via AJAX.

    Is there any way to provide a ‘back’ link on the single event page that would allow the user to return to the month they were previously viewing?

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  • I think that has to do with your calendar…
    By default EM generates pagination by adding page numbers to the events page url ( for page 4).

    The browser back-button takes you back to the previous url, so in this case page 4.
    It does on my blogs 🙂

    I think you have a differently generated pagination? Don’t know, since there is no link provided.

    Interesting. I’m using this calendar on two sites and both of them behave the same way – the full calendar uses AJAX to advance the month, and the rest of the page does not reload nor does the URL change.

    I just used a staging site to change to the default TwentyNineteen theme and disabled all other plugins, and it still works the same way.

    Is there a setting that allows me to set it up in the way you’ve described where the URL is modified to include the pagination? It’s possible that I’m just overlooking something simple.

    Then the pagination is not triggered by EM core, but generated diffrently. Checkout to see the difference. Only using EM on there (well for the events anyway).

    I cannot get your example link, nor your company link also ending in .nl. Perhaps you are blocking American IP addresses?

    I have installed the plugin on a third website on the same Managed hosting environment and got the same result. I then created a sandbox site on a third-party service and did nothing except install EM. I still get the same AJAX pagination with no page reloads and therefore no query strings to signify the month being viewed.

    I added a single event in February to demonstrate what happens when you click on that event and then go back.

    I’m confused as to how I am getting completely different behavior, now on 4 separate websites. If you were to install EM on a brand-new website, and make one settings update (Events > Settings > Pages > Event Lists/Archives > Display calendar in events page? => Yes) does your calendar not reload in the way that mine does?

    Thanks again for your willingness to help.

    Hi Matt,
    If your IP address is, then yes, you have been blocked from my server. That IP is listed in five spamming databases.

    I have the “Display Calender” set tot no. I don’t want to show a calendar like in the sidebar. So I am using the default list as formatted in Events > Formatting > Events > Event Page.

    I have tried the Yes Setting. That just adds a very, very, very long query to the url. “Back” did take me back to the previous month, though.

    I cannot log in to the Sandbox. Access code required.

    Didn’t realize that sandbox site required an access code. Sorry. I set it to 11111.

    I appreciate Patrick’s time in looking into this issue.

    My question remains – is there a way to add a “back” link to a single event that returns the user to the month previously viewed, rather than merely back to the /events/ page which will display the current month by default?

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    it might be possible but you need custom coding to make this work and creating custom event placeholder

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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