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  • How can I retrieve features removed in 2.5
    – Slug to refine my filenames.
    – Changing the author to switch between Administrators and author names?

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  • The features you are missing have not been removed. The places where you can edited them have been moved:

    Post slugs change
    Post slugs can be edited as usual, only the location has changed:

    1. Edit the article you want the slug to be changed.
    2. Below the Title you find Permalink:
    3. At the end of this line you should be able to edit this permalink (click the link).
    4. If you have javascript enabled, the slug-part of your permalink will change into a textbox you can edit the slug now. If javascript has been switched off, the page scroll down to the end where you find a textarea titled “Post Slug” (“Titleform” in german) you can edit it now as well.

    Changing the author
    Changing the author works similar. If you do not have javascript enabled, you can scroll down to change the author (In previous versions it was on the right side you now find it below). With javascript enabled, the location is quite similar but you have to do an additional click to open the Author Pane to edit it.

    I hope this more detailed information will help you and if you like, you can help to update the wordpress documentation at – a wiki everybody can take part. Feel free to re-use my text there.

    Thanks. For the filename, I have found the permalink, that appears once the article is created, but for the author, I wonder where I could click.
    I do not have Author pane anywhere.

    I have also a local version installed with Wamp. On this version I have a “Post author” at bottom, but with only 2 authors in the list among a lot registered (database imported). Bug?

    On this version I have a “Post author” at bottom – That is the author pane I meant.

    Well if you are logged in as admin, this list should display all users you can control. Maybe the import did not properly work, the direction you already pointed to. In the next two weeks I will upgrade one Blog with many authros, I can test it then. Did you upgrade from 2.3.3?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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