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  • OK, I’m happily hacking away at putting breadcrumbs on my blog.

    Unfortunatly, breadcrumb plugins don’t work with Ultimate Tag Warrior. If I follow a tag link, the breadcrumb plugin tell me I’m on the home page.

    I can use the is_tag() function to “fake” an addition to the breadcrumb. Bacially putting

    <?php if (is_tag()) echo '> <a href="/?page_id=85"> Tags</a> >'; ?>

    in the same <div> as the breadcumb plugin call. This means that if I click a tag term, I now see

    Home > Tags >

    with Home and Tsgs being links to the appropriate pages.

    However, I can’t seem to find a funtion that pulls out the NAME of the tag which I just clicked on.

    It strikes me that it is just SITTING there in the URL – I can just pull out the URL, split it on ‘=’ and presto tag term!

    However, I cannot find a funtion to access the URL either! bloginfo(‘url’) retrieves the BASE URL stored in the WordPress DB.

    So – any ideas how I can access the name of the tag that got me to the page in the first place?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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