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  • I am working on an advanced search on wordpress based on custom taxonomies.
    I’m stuck since 48h so I was hoping to have some help or thought…
    Step 1in the js file the query strings are created like that:
    ` if (jQuery(‘#s’).val() == ”){
    URL = “/?genre=” + genre + ‘…other Stuff’ #content’;
    URL = “/?s=”+searchQueryString+”&genre=” + genre +’…other stuff’ #content’;
    It nicelly load my custom loop in my #content div without changing the browser url or reloading the header, which is pretty good…so far. 🙂

    Step 2 — then I wrote 2 functions in my function.php , one to load the loop with the GET[] elements on main page, using new WP_Query
    and one that does the same thing for search queries:


    Which is compiling my GET[] filters with the GET[s] in the content.php,
    Still all good….

    Step 3 — (problem^^)—

    I want to add a css class to desactivate the radio buttons located in my header.php, depending on the results in the loop.

    Try-1 I thought I could create a php array to compile the terms found while the loop is happening, and then compare it with my buttons that:

    `$args = array(‘orderby’ => ‘name’, ‘order’ => ‘ASC’, ‘fields’ => ‘slugs’);
    $results = wp_get_post_terms(get_the_ID(),’category’,$args);
    foreach ($results as $result){
    array_push($stack, $result);


    But there is no way to retrieve the data from that array in the header afterwhile, or to create it from the header using things like global $post;since my url doesn’t change.
    it just shows the homepage query.

    Try-2 I also thought I could encode it to json and then put some action in my js file. but so far it just return json unexpected character, and I got the feeling that even if I crack it, its not going to be the right way

    since its going to make the js file heavier.

    May be I’m just missing something about the Global wp_query and I don’t need to charge my script?

    Excuse my english and the long question,

    thanks a lot in advance if you have an idea,


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