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  • If you are trying to display the posts on your blog with a specific tag then it should not be an issue, for example, I can type into the address bar this URL for my home site: and press enter. It will display all the posts with the ‘cais’ tag. (The site default theme does not use a tag.php template, currently.)

    If you are trying to do something else, perhaps you could provide some more details. Also, your blog URL may be helpful as well.

    The url would actually be..

    ..unless you have permalinks enabled, in which case you’d get the pretty URL like cais has shown above..

    @t31os_ – Good catch … I was using my main site to check the format, where “pretty” URLs are enabled.

    Alot of users have pretty permalinks on, but thought i should point it as that may be the source of valuxes problem.

    Thanks for all the responses. cais’ solution works. My mistake is the space between the words: I was typing the Name (a tag) instead of the slug (a-tag). Thanks again!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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