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  • Hi sugarandcloth, I read your errors and they are self explanatory.

    ERROR: si-contact-form.php plugin says GD image support not detected in PHP!

    Contact your web host and ask them why GD image support is not enabled for PHP.

    ERROR: si-contact-form.php plugin says imagepng function not detected in PHP!

    Contact your web host and ask them why imagepng function is not enabled for PHP.

    Do you know if your host has made any changes lately in your server, i.e. updated the PHP version?

    You need to get in contact with your host and ask them the question that the errors above are asking you to do. Once your errors have been resolved your junk mail issue might be also resolved.

    Let me know if this helps you.

    Kind regards

    I’ve had issues with my site having errors and crashing left and right over different plugins and updates, which is why I’m having to switch hosts to a bigger company with better support as opposed to a small boutique type design and development firm, so who knows with that situation. I just brought it up because that’s why I was concerned about making any changes to the current settings in my attempt to retrieve previous submissions.

    My most pressing question is is it possible to go back and retrieve past submissions (not via spam in box email, which has already been permanently deleted unfortunately), but through my site or plugin itself? I know that the contact form DB plugin will do this automatically but I didn’t have it installed prior to realizing this was happening.

    Hi, sorry to hear your problems with your host that would definitely cause major issues with your website and plugins.

    In regards to your question I am not aware of you being able to retrieve past submissions if you did not enable that feature in the plugin. Do you make regular backups? If you do perhaps in a previous backup you might be able to view past submissions and might be able to recover them. You will have to download the backup from your server if that is where you keep them and install your website locally in your computer or laptop using Xampp if you are using windows or Mamp if you are using Mac. That way you can install your website and try to view past submissions.

    Kind regards

    Hey mbrsolution,

    This is Nick, the admin for sugarandcloth’s current web host.

    Firstly, the PHP error has been resolved, and was there for around 24 hours at the very most—turned out to just be an outdated php5-gd library. All fixed, all good!

    Secondly, we do daily backups, and have restored an applicable backed-up copy of her site, which includes her database. We’re looking, but I don’t see anything backup-related in the actual wp-content/si-contact-form folder. I’m looking through the database, but doing so by hand is quite cumbersome, as you know——if you could tell me any specific site folders I might look in, or any specific database tables to look through or extract, it’d be greatly appreciated!


    Hi @nick thank you for performing those task for @sugarandcloth. I am not aware if it is possible to retrieve the deleted submissions. However @mike Challis the developer will be able to respond to you with more details.

    @mike has created a post for those who want to save their contact form database.

    That is all I know for backing up the database.

    I hope this helps you.

    Kind regards

    You cannot retrieve emails from the past. Unless you have previously installed the database plugin.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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