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    Don’t know if this is the right category, mods feel free to move it if not.

    I’m using the Adapt theme from WPExplorer, which is supposed to have built in ‘retina support’ so that images will look good on mobile at higher DPI. However I don’t believe its working. I don’t see that the theme provider even has any contact info on any of their sites, so I don’t know how else to get help for this issue.

    According to the theme settings, when retina support is enabled it will, “create a second version of every cropped image that is 2x as large and save it on your server.”

    However I don’t see this happening when I view the upload folder for images I’ve uploaded. Also on my iPhone4 the featured image thumbnails on the homepage are horribly blurry, so I can only conclude the feature is not working.

    Has anyone else had this problem with this theme or other themes from WPExplorer? Any suggestions on how to resolve? Is it worth trying to use another retina plugin? any advice appreciated. thanks

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  • Have you asked the developers? We don’t have access to (or support) themes from other places (besides WP.ORG) so they’d be the ones to ask.

    I tried tweeting at them. Like I said they literally don’t have any contact info available on their site.

    That’s certainly unfortunate and I’m sure frustrating – maybe you should consider using a theme that has better support? Any of these are supported on these forums:

    The theme is perfect for the current project, except for this one little detail. It probably took me longer to find the theme than it will to build the site :/

    I will try tweeting them a link to this thread and see if they will be good enough to comment. If you wouldn’t mind leaving it open for a while. thanks

    I successfully resolved this issue. My solution: I disabled the ‘retina support’ feature built into the theme. Then I downloaded the WP Retina 2x plugin, and enabled it. The trick then was to change the default thumbnail size in WP Settings > Media from 150×150 to 230×180. Otherwise the theme will autogenerate an extra image of this size for use in the homepage thumbnails, which the plugin will miss.

    I understand why the theme developers don’t want to support a free theme, but it is disappointing nonetheless. I guess a free theme is the bait to lure people into their newsletter and maybe one day buying a paid theme. Well, I learned a lot about retina display, more than I will ever need.

    Glad to hear you solved it even without support :).

    Spoke too soon. Now the small thumbnails on the homepage are fine, but I’ve run into another problem it seems. I’m not sure if my solution created this problem or it was there all along and I didn’t notice. But now I am noticing on my portfolio pages which shows an image on the left hand side that takes up half the content box (530px wide) … I can tell that those images are rendering fine in Firefox, but they look blurry in Chrome. I’m starting to hate this. How can image rendering/resolution be such a cross-browser problem I never noticed before this? I just can’t rest until the images look nice and crisp, not for one size and not another, or in one browser but not another. I don’t know if its possible anymore. It’s driving me NUTS!

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