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    Image for marker icon will be visible in full size, you can make it smaller before upload for icon, plugin will not make such manipulations with images.
    Styles like here – will be soon, we will start working on it soon.

    Hi, thanks for responding, but it is still not resolved…

    The thing is, that I have to upload the icon in doubled size and scale it down 50% with CSS. Otherwise it will just be a very big but still very blurry icon on retina displays. Sure i can upload a smaller image, but it will appear blurry on retina displays as well. It would be perfect to get this kind of option in the backend, to display the icons at half the size to make this plugin usable for modern mobile displays.

    (maybe this will help to understand, what i mean: Google Maps Marker Icons For iPhone Retina Display)

    I just released new version – 1.0.3, width new option for marker – “Fit icon in standard size”, if you check it – you can upload image in any size – it will always fit in same icon size – 18×30. Please review it and tell me – is this what you needed.

    Hi, thanks for the quick fix. It’s working for the standard thin icons but does not work with custom maybe thicker icons. Of course they get squeezed down to that exact fixed size.
    Is it possible to calculate the dimensions of the finished icons dependend on the selected image? 50% width & height of it and then use that as a fixed value on save?
    This way it would work for all types of icons.
    But it’s a great start and thank you for “developing on demand”.

    Another fix could be to add input fields, where you can set the size yourself… maybe even easier then calculating dynamically, because javascript can only calculate the image width and height after the image has been loaded.

    Plugin Author Google Maps plugin


    Just released new version – 1.0.4, with algorithm of detection markers proportion sizes for retina (don’t want to add options for this in admin area – too many options is not always good). Check it.

    Hi, thanks for the update.

    Does the algorithm use the width of 18px to calculate the height? Because my pin now just got extremely small…
    My icon has the following dimensions:
    100x87px so it gets scaled down to 18x16px;
    But what if i want it to be 45x39px or something like that? Now it only gets bigger if it’s a very thin icon.

    If i change the standardWidth inside map.options.js to about 45 it calculates the size i’m looking for. This works for me for now, but it would be great if you hadn’t to change the code, to get what you want.

    Maybe you could hide these special options for width and height, until you click that checkbox to enable that feature. This is an option every web designer would whant in times, where nearly everybody has a mobile device with 1.5 pixel density or more.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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