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    I’m trying to import my favourite and well-tested option in one website,
    but I keep being redirected from the “all options” import page to the “Wordfence installation is incomplete” page that asks for an e-mail (and I don’t want to subscribe).

    That e-mail subscribe popup have an X to close, but if I then go to the “all options” and try to import my hash options I get redirected again into the “Resume Installation” page.

    What exactly have to be resumed? The submission of my e-mail to a forced newsletter subscription?

    I’m already subscribed, and however, I just want to import my options !

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  • That email isn’t for a subscription unless you check the box below it indicating you want to subscribe. It’s asking for your email so the plugin can send you alerts from your website. That’s a big part of what a security plugin does. It alerts you to a problem that you should address. These alerts are configurable on the Wordfence Dashboard > Global Options page in the section marked “Email Alert Preferences”. You can set the alerts you want and which ones you don’t want. You can even tell Wordfence the maximum number of emails it can send per hour. Here is a screenshot of the ones I generally start out with.

    • Email me if Wordfence is deactivated – This can be helpful if you manage client sites and want to be alerted if they may disable Wordfence without realizing its purpose, or just want to keep a close watch on your own site.
    • Alert on critical problems – These are things that should be dealt with as soon as you can like core files being changed, or you have a theme or plugin with a vulnerablity
    • Alert on Warnings – This is one that some people would rather disable. (Note : I leave it on because I tend to be slightly paranoid when it comes to my site’s security. Working for a security company tends to do that to you. But I digress) It sends alerts like if a plugin’s files have been changed or the plugin appears to be no longer supported
    • Alert when someone is blocked from logging in using a password found in a breech. – This is user preference but knowing that breeches like Ashley Madison and Equifax gave hackers a huge list to use as defaults to try in brute force attempts, I’d prefer to not make it easier on them and know so I can make sure my users aren’t using one.
    • Alert me when someone with administrator access signs in – Please note that I also have checked the box to only alert me when it is from a new location. If someone steals my admin credentials (and cell phone since I am using 2FA) and logs in from Poland instead of my home IP address I certainly want to know. Otherwise I’d rather not have the excess emails
    • Alert me when there are a large increase of attacks on my site – I use these as a reminder to go check my latest scan results, my blocking rules, and do a general walk through of my security settings. It never hurts to be prepared and watchful
    • Maximum email alerts to send per hour – I usually set this to 4 because I don’t want so many emails that I start to miss things because of the “noise” they create. With a smaller number I’m more likely to see trends and absorb the information I need

    If you’d rather not put an email in just make something up like and go on.


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    Hi Tim. Thank you.

    That was not clear, and honestly seemed more a marketing subscription to me.

    Also, I suggest you to put an extra “import from HASH” option.
    That would allow to bypass this e-mail request, on re-activation of your plugin (after wiping out previous data, thing that we do often with Wordfence Assistant plugin).

    This is because the e-mail use you described it’s very useful, infact we already do it, infact we have a Wordfence HASH code for import that already contains that e-mail address that we’re very happy to give to Wordfence.

    But like it is now, the “after-activation-process” of Wordfence is wrong, or incomplete at least, considering I can’t bypass that e-mail request to import my Wordfence configuration.

    Actually the only way is hacking the page with FireBug and remove the grey iframe on the top of the page, and that is really frustrating (expecially because I have to do it monthly on 200 websites).

    That makes complete sense. I’m going to speak to the development team about it and maybe we can get that added in a future release. I can’t promise that every suggestion we get makes it into a release, or even when that might be, I can tell you that every suggestion we get is evaluated carefully and considered seriously. We value the input we get from our customers.

    I do have something that might help you with your sites that’s being worked on now. If you send me an email to wftest [@] wordfence [dot] com and include this forum post url I can get you in touch with someone who can. I think you may be pleasantly surprised. 🙂

    Thank you for helping to make WF great.

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    Thank you very much,
    I’m going to write you right now.

    Bye !

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