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    I will be using Google Vision AI OCR (document_text_detection) Api to parse the user’s pdf resume to fill the online resume. Is possible to parse the data via json, api, webhook, or some kind, to Resume Manager to autopopulate the user online resume ?

    I know this would be a custom integration, but I need to know if it’s even possible to WPJM Resume Add-on to receive data and autopopulate this fields. I saw that, when the user creates his account it stores his metadata (email and name).


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  • This is actually related to a paid addon, but I will still provide some feedback and a reply to help you along the way, as in the end this is related to WPJM and you’re looking for community feedback on this.

    So i’ve actually been researching this a bit, to possibly built out a Resume Parsing addon for WPJM — and spoke with a few companies that offer a REST API for handling this — but specific to Resumes and parsing that data.

    While it looks like Google has an “Alpha” stage “Resume Parsing”:

    This doesn’t appear to be anything available to general public at this time, and there are SOOO many possible issues with just standard OCR (which is why i looked at some REST API for doing it) — due to formatting, sectioning, even using different languages, and so on.

    BUT to answer your question, no there isn’t any “native” way of doing this, other than using the filter when the page is loaded (and setting the value key of the field equal to the value to populate with) .. but that wouldn’t work without a page reload, so the only real other option would be to use an AJAX REST call on the frontend and then using jQuery or JavaScript, populate the value of those fields.

    Thanks for reply and taking your time to explain multiple scenarios and what could work and what would not.

    What I looked in google was Cloud Vision API – Detect text in files (PDF/TIFF): Don’t know if this could help.

    “so the only real other option would be to use an AJAX REST call on the frontend and then using jQuery or JavaScript, populate the value of those fields.”

    That could take months to develop right ? And only if the right REST API Resume parsing company is found I assume.

    Do you think it would best, for this scenario, to use LinkedIn profile parsing then ? Is already formatted, online and with the same structure. I saw a mention of a plugin or integration on WPJM documentation or add-on, but I could not find it anymore.

    EDIT: I found this plugin: Works with LinkedIn V2 API and stores the user meta, from LinkedIn, for developer use.

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    Hi! We removed our LinkedIn “resume import” function for the Resumes add-on because of API changes on LinkedIn’s side which made it pretty much useless; it only allowed us to import the person’s name and email address with the new changes, if I recall correctly.



    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your response. Yes, I was searching about the LinkedIn new API changes and is not going to work for us, as you mentioned is very limited, without heavy customization.

    The data from the user’s resume (filled via Resume add-on) is stored in the user’s metadata (meta keys)? Or is stored inside WPJM/Resume add on user meta ?

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    @maocasio Resumes are a CPT and so the data is stored in the CPT and in the associated post_meta.

    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault


    I’m marking this thread as Resolved as it’s been more than a month since the last reply. If you still need help, please do reply again and mark the thread as Unresolved!

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