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  • Hi

    I have sent 2 emails to the provided contact form in the wp admin and never hear back from these guys in this last 10 days. Very disappointing butt from what I am seeing here in this form it is no different so I don’t like my chances at all.

    This plugin is great just a couple of minor quirks which I am sure aren’t do difficult to fix but yet i keep getting ignored.
    How are we to spend money on a product that isn’t supported, doesn’t show much promise at this point does it.

    I will post my issue here in 1 last hope for you guys to redeem yourselves otherwise you will force me to find another plugin elsewhere.


    The issue it when using the random question option with only 1 question per page selected, on the front-end it only it works for the first question, then click on Retake Quiz and the next question shows up, then click on Retake Quiz to continue and it stops working.
    I have the retake quiz setting set to (0) so there shouldn’t be a limit.

    Can I have help fixing this issue please?


    Also this retake Quiz word is OK if a quiz is completed and they are allowed to redo that same quiz BUT in a scenario where your using say 100 questions displayed one at a time and they are able to do as many as they like within that 100,, the RETAKE QUIZ word doesn’t seem to be appropriate at all and can seem deceiving as they are not retaking that same quiz but instead continuing on with the same quiz set.

    Is there any way to change that to something as simple as a NEXT button please?

    I would also like to change the layout of the results page and email as it looks horrible as if it was just chucked in there without a second thought or care.

    I would like to make it look more professional and clearer thus easier to read instead of the current mess it is displayed as.

    Please inform?


    I hope to hear from you soon please.


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    • This topic was modified 3 months, 3 weeks ago by  phil1ooo.
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  • Hello
    You replied to me saying that you never received my emails and that your support is within always provided 24hrs and yet in response to your request within that email providing you with admin details to help fix this issue I receive this below email 24hrs later.
    This is a copy of an email I received after replying to your email

    from: Mail Delivery Subsystem <>
    Delivery incomplete
    There was a temporary problem delivering your message to Gmail will retry for 45 more hours. You’ll be notified if the delivery fails permanently.

    Please provide a working email address.


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