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    Hi…in my previous post I had discussed four different issues. Thanks for resolving the issue regarding the shortcode overriding other shortcodes.

    I found that another issue, wherein all of the results did not display an image was the result of the images not being attached to the post. The types and views plugins were creating a generic attachment…and I went back and attached each image to its corresponding post.

    Now, regarding the search results page. I’m trying to figure out three things:

    1. How to control the search results template so that I can customize what is displayed in the search results.

    2. When a search result is clicked I want it to open in a new window. The reason being that I have the single page posts like this example-

    – which is set up with a “close profile” link on the top of the listing profile. This is necessary so that this functions consistently with the way I have profiles set up now.

    3. Same thing for the corresponding image…although what would be ideal is if the images link was inactive…however..if both the image and title open the single page profile in a new window I am good.

    I still have some styling questions but will create a separate topic post to keep things simple.

    Regards, and thanks again for the quick response to my previous post.


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  • Plugin Author TC.K


    1. It is all about what you want to put in the loop. I don’t know how type and view plugin works. I think you should consult with them. Normally, you just need to put in the template tags you want. eg..the_title, the_post_thumbnail,the_permalink…etc

    2. Just add target=”_blank” to your title’s link, then it will open in new window. Eg.
    <a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" target="_blank" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link to <?php the_title(); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a>

    3. Same as above.

    The search results are not using the types/views templates. Is this plugin using the wordpress archive page for search results?

    This is why I am not understanding. I have the types and views already set up like u outlined in #2 above. But I am not understanding how to modify the search results page.


    Plugin Author TC.K


    Nope, it is not using the arichve page for the search result.

    If you not using type/view plugin for the search results, then you can try to look for the search.php in your theme’s folder. That is normally wp use it to display the search result. let me clarify. R U saying that I can use the types/views plugin for the search results page?

    I’m not getting this. I don’t see where to control the search results page. It’s like the search plugin is determining this page.

    One more question. I notice on the search results that the permalink is very long, reflecting all of the taxonomies etc. Is there a way to shorten the permalink?

    Right now I am using custom permalinks with %%post%%.


    Plugin Author TC.K


    No, I don’t know how types/views work.

    What I saying is, there is a search.php inside your theme folder. If there is not, then the search will go back to use index.php.
    See this post ‘s discussion.
    And also get to know how the Template Hierarchy work as well.

    Hi..ok..just a follow up. I got this. The actual location to make this adjustment, at least in the theme I am using (woothemes-Merchant) is the content-search.php.

    Thanks! I really like the plugin. I do have one more question.

    The permalinks for the search results are incredibly long.

    I tried installing a plugin called “Nice Search”. The end result was the Advanced Querys basically stopped working.

    The issue that I am seeing is that the search goes through every taxonomy query on the plugin and shows the trail from all of them in the permalinks that show up on the search results page.

    Any thoughts?


    Plugin Author TC.K


    You will need the information in the URL in order to get the search result. It is how to pass query to the plugin to perform filttering. Once you shorten the url, means the queries are missing, and the plugin will stop working.

    In other words, the URL is the essential part for the plugin to work.

    If you don’t want the query shows in the url, you can use the POST method instead of GET in the search form. This will hide all the query in the url. The downside of this, your user can’t bookmarking the link of the search. Unfortunately, there are no other way to change it to POST method except editing the plugin file.

    Hey TC…just an update. I am so happy with your plugin! It works really well with the Types/Views Toolset Plugins.

    I found the solution for the search results display and it was so simple!

    In the Views Settings there is an option for displaying search results using a Views Template.

    I already had an archive view set-up and all I had to do was associate it with Search Results!! I am so happy! Check it out!

    Keep up the good work! This plugin is SO Smooth!!!


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