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    I’m trying to add more ACF rows to a page where Font Awesome icons loaded fine. Now in new rows, no icons are displayed no matter what I type in – it just shows ‘the results could not be loaded’ even if I type in one of the icon names that’s already displaying in the same page.

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  • Hi – I am also experiencing this issue and I dove a little deeper into the root cause. It looks like it is only a problem for the 4.x version. 5.x version populates fine.

    Short term solution – for other users who find this before it is solved:
    Copy and paste the value of ACFFA_icon_data in the wp_options table from a backup or other site that has valid data for 4.x – here is mine in case it is useful:

    Long term – for the developer:
    /assets/inc/class-ACFFA-Loader-4.php – the regex on line 206 does not seem to work with PHP 7.4. I took a bit of time to try and fix it but I could not come up with a solution. Anyways – this is definitely where the problem is coming from – that regex just returns empty arrays instead of parsing out the slugs from the css file.

    Suggested easy fix:
    since the 4.x branch of fontawesome is EOL maybe the find_icons function could just return a hard coded list of the 4.7.0 icons?

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    After spending some time looking for another conflict, this problem fixed itself. I really don’t know what the exact thing was that fixed it, unfortunately, but it was WooCommerce and ACF Pro that were the only active plugins on the site besides this one at the time.

    Yes – it’s weird – I’m also seeing it working on my staging server right now with the same PHP version, but not on my local machine…

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    Hello, thank you both of you for doing some of your own digging on this issue as I’ve been away from the computer for thanksgiving holiday here in the US.

    I see mention above of a potential conflict with PHP 7.4. Is this still occuring or did that end up not being related?

    As far as this ‘fixing itself’. There are a couple situations where the plugin will re-attempt getting the icons from FontAwesome. One of those situations is when you switch from 5.x to 4.x, or vice versa. So switching the version back and forth can be a way to ‘retry’ caching the icons. Perhaps this explains part of what you are seeing things fixing themselves.

    As far as why there was a failure to begin with, is much trickier to say at this point. It is possible that some downtime of one of the CDNs that this plugin utilizes was to blame. I have seen a number of news headlines about Amazon AWS outages in the past few days which seems like a possible correlation.

    My longterm goals with this plugin is to migrate to using the FontAwesome APIs for getting the icons and to also use their ‘font kit’ for defining which version should be loaded.

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    PHP version wasn’t an issue for me, this site is on 7.3. I didn’t roll back the plugin version either.

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