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[Resolved] Results at the end of quiz not fully showing, mobile

  • On mobile devices I believe it shows only, “Thanks for testing out the quiz” which I customized in the settings. However, on desktops it shows the score as well which I think is important. How to get the score to display on mobile as well? People using it on a phone don’t get their result. Great plugin by the way! Thanks


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  • Plugin Author jewlofthelotus


    @anefarious1 Thank you for letting me know about this! I’m not sure why that would be happening. Do you have a link to a page with the problem that I can look at?

    There might be some other plugin or theme style that is interfering with the display of those missing pieces.

    Also, what kind of phone / browser were you using?

    Thanks again for calling this out! And thanks for using SlickQuiz!

    Hi. Ok I’m testing out SlickQuiz on this page:

    Can I Give My Cat Adderall?

    I used a MotoX cell phone but also tried iPhone5 using this great site:

    You can try all different types of mobile devices there.

    SlickQuiz works really great but it is just missing the result (ie. Your Score:, Your Ranking:) after answering the quiz on mobile devices (it seems). Thanks for looking into it!

    Plugin Author jewlofthelotus


    Hey @anefarious1 – I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue yet. I tried out the quiz on the OS X iPhone Simulator, my actual iPhone5, and the mobiletest.me iPhone simulator and was able to see all of the result copy on each one upon completion.

    Here’s a screenshot so you can see what I’m seeing: http://postimg.org/image/n3f2ahf9r/

    I think my theme switcher failed to work on your phone (whole different problem). I have two themes, one serving desktops and another for mobile. Can you please try it again using this URL which will force the mobile theme:

    Can I Give My Cat Adderall?

    Actually I’ve discovered that using that URL on a desktop reveals the same problem. It isn’t a mobile device problem at all but a problem with that theme. Anything I can do to make it work?

    Plugin Author jewlofthelotus


    It looks like the handheld theme is telling all h3 headers to display: none;. So they’re there, and they’re getting set with the right score and ranking, they’re just not being displayed.

    I do not know why the theme would be doing that – if there is some particular reason, but you’ll need to either remove that style, or override it for the quiz area to get them to show up.

    You are right! I set the custom css to do that. Is there a way to make your code h4 instead of h3? I have a good reason why I don’t want to display h3. Thanks so much for the support. Much appreciated.

    Plugin Author jewlofthelotus


    You would need to edit the plugin code itself to change the type of tags that it’s using – which I would recommend against, since if you ever updated the plugin, you’d lose your custom changes.

    What I would suggest is overriding the h3 styles specifically within the quiz wrapper. You could do that by adding something like the following to the bottom of your handheld stylesheet:

    .slickQuizWrapper h3 {display: block;}

    .slickQuizWrapper h3 {display: block;} worked like a charm! Thank you so much. Your plugin is totally awesome, it should be bought by Jetpack or FB or someone like that! Thank you for your time.

    Plugin Author jewlofthelotus


    Haha, thanks @anefarious1! I’m glad that solved the problem!

    And thanks for choosing SlickQuiz!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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