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  • Is there any way to restrict users to posting only in specific categories?

    The blog I’m interested in doing this with is my dad’s – he’s a professor and wants to use it for course announcements, and he wants to be able to give his teaching assistants posting privileges, but only for the categories pertaining to their tutorials. Is there any way doing this?

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  • See the Limit Categories plugin:
    Codex > Plugins > Restriction

    Er… I don’t think that’s going to do what I want. It sounds like it would make all the TAs have access to the same set of categories.

    I need them each to be able to only post to their *own* category — i.e. each of them would have one category into which they can post, which no one else can post to except the site admin.

    Is that possible?

    I’ve got the same problem– in my case it’s a course in which a number of students will be posting, but we want them to be able to post only in their own specific categories (i.e. ,section 1 students can only post in the “section 1” category– the reason this matters is because the content is divided up into a number of sideblogs). It seems there isn’t a plugin that does this– but does anyone have an idea of how to hack things to make this work?

    I’m pretty sure these are the issues I’m looking to fix.

    I run a music magazine and have various writers. I want them each to have a blog. Now it would be nice if They each were only allowed to post in a specific “page” that I would set up for each of them. The next best thing is “categories” that I would set up for each of them…

    However, I don’t want their blogs being shown on the page (the one that is shown to everyone with or without access). I’d rather you have to click on their names on the right to read their blogs and everything on the main page is done by just the administrator.

    This seems to fall in line with what this topic is about… I think…lol

    Any help would be awesome.


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