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  • I have a new WP site set up with the network turned on for subdomains.

    I did turn off the “themes” so that the users can only use one theme… and I turned off the plugin capabilities/admin from their panel.

    The problem I am having, is I want to kind of “force” a unified system across the board. i.e., all the same look/template/widgets… only they can add text into “their” widgets. (like their own links).

    I’m using it a little different from a standard “blog” – which means I’d also like to restrict posts. It’s a kind of adboard concept, letting them own a section with their own links and recommendations (in the widgets), but not really add new posts. (The main post would be a rotating feature ad which I would be hardcoding).

    Can anyone suggest how to make this work easily? I know sites like Bestbuy and Yahoo etc., have a set template that can’t be changed… do I have to hardcode everything?

    I’ve got it mostly set up… it’s the permission side of things I’m not sure of.

    Also, when it creates a new “site” (subdomain), it says “Just another sitename site”. I DID update that in the admin panel, but it didn’t take it across the board. Where can I change that?


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