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  • How do I restrict people from outside a certain geographical area to not be able to make purchases using WP E Commerce?

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  • There is no fool-proof way to do this. The options would include using IP addresses to either accept only certain IPs (whitelisting) or block all IPs outside the geotarget area (blacklisting) – either is a huge task with limited reliability.

    The best way to control the buyers is to make the site a membership only site and vet the people before you let them become members.

    I assume you’ve posted a message somewhere on your site (like the first form they fill out for the check out process) that tells your buyers you only accept orders from the geographic area? Do you manually check your orders?

    yes i will be checking the orders manually at first but my goal is to eventually automate the process, I am wondering I can tell the host to block all other users outside of my geographic area?

    Not likely. It’s up to you to manage that.

    So manually checking is what you would recommend?

    Does the geographic area have a zip or postal code associated with it? Are there other hooks you could use during the check out process?

    Yes I have postal codes in the geographic area, but what exactly do you mean by hooks?

    Hooks as in something (a type of data like a postal code) that you can use as a filter. In this example, you could ask the user to supply their postal code and if it doesn’t match the list of postal codes you wish to do business with, then you can keep them from getting to parts of the site you don’t want them to see – like not seeing the catalog in the first place or preventing them from checkout. Knowing the postal codes of where you wish to do business makes it a bit easier to filter out unwanted users.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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