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    I would like to restrict what categories users are able to access when posting items through dokan and front end forms, but this seems to not be possible?

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  • Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    I have not tested this plugin with the plugin you mention. Are forms added via shortcodes? If so, it should be possible to restrict access to them.

    Dokan does not serve up the function to add products through a shortcode. In the dashboard there is a “add product” function. And it does not seem like your plugin restricts the available categories. Is there any work around I can try for this?

    Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    You are right that Restrict User Access currently doesn’t support conditional access control in the admin dashboard, only in the frontend.

    I suggest you to try out this plugin:

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    Ok thanks! Are you planning to include such functionality in the future?

    Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    While not on the roadmap, when it will be possible to restrict items in archive pages and lists, it would be easy to extend the functionality to the admin dashboard. There is no ETA on this however.

    If you end up using the plugin I mentioned in combination with Restrict User Access, I’d be happy to know how it turned out.

    I haven’t set up the registration properly to the site yet so I haven’t gotten to testing your restriction plugin properly. I started with S2, but it looks like your plugin might be better. It seems to allow users to open a post whilst hiding the content, which might be useful! Is there a function for allowing guests a set number of posts before they have to log in/register?
    The Press permit plugin worked exactly how I wanted! (haven’t set up this properly yet either..:)
    Thanks for the recommendation on press permit! And I will let you know when I have tested your plugin properly as well!

    Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    Great to hear that it worked out!

    And yes, you can hide content within posts with the [restrict] shortcode.

    There is currently no functionality built-in to allow logged-out users to view a set of pages, but it should be possible to do it like this:
    1. Save the number of pages a user views in a cookie
    2. When the limit has been met, redirect the user to the register/login page

    That would be far beyond my capabilities..
    I also seem to struggle with setting up. Not sure if it’s my brain malfunctioning or the logic that is to complicated for me. Is there any way of getting some detailed guiding? Can I reach you on email or privately somehow?

    Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    I will be happy to answer any questions, but unfortunately I cannot provide email support.

    While there are no official documentation for Restrict User Access, it uses the same library for conditional restriction as my other plugin Content Aware Sidebars. So it might be worth checking out the documentation for that:

    (Did you just update with a guest level? If so thanks!)

    I would prefer the site link to not be publicly visible here so I have created a temporary URL so you know what I am referring to:

    With s2 I am using three role access levels.
    guest, access to all posts and most pages.
    Member, access to submission forms that are hidden for guests
    staff, more access than member, but not admin panel

    My question might not be relevant now: with your plugin do I have to create a guest level? When I set up member level the guests ended up being shown the redirect page instead of content.

    So the relevant question now might be, how do I make the cookie, that redirect to the redirect page periodically? Could I make the redirect be a popup?

    I am wondering if it would be possible to restrict users access based on buddy press types? digging into roles seems to create a bit of conflict for me and setting additional restriction based on BP type would be very useful.

    Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    In general you only need a Guest level if e.g. you’ve restricted All Pages to a Membership level, but want to permit access to a few pages for guests also.

    You can synchronize a level with “Logged-out users”.

    I have thought about being able to synchronize the level with BuddyPress member types too, but this is not currently in the plugin.


    I was looking into this, but it seems that no other restriction systems would work by BP type, so I would still need to synchronise the 15 types to 15 roles, to use the permission system you recommended earlier (locking out from categories).

    So I am probably better of setting up a system where users get a role and I have many roles with slightly different permissions.

    I would preferred to have access restrictions based on Type though..

    I just realised that the restriction plugin you recommended, will not work for me. It does stop the users from accessing the category, but on all levels, so they can not read the posts in that category either. I just want to stop them from posting to it.

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