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  • OK,

    I searched and can’t work this out.

    Is it possible to show particular posts on particular pages restricted to say a Category and X number of posts?

    On one page I would like a particular category to show restricted to X number of posts.

    On the home page I would like two different categories to show under two different headings, restricted to X number of posts showing.

    Can this be done?

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  • I am making this reply myself in an attempt to move my self up the discussion list and hopefully get my post noticed.

    this is the same question i have…

    for example if i have a news page can i show only the category “news” on it and if i was to have a page called say “stories” could i show only posts in a category “stories” on that…?

    any help/suggestions appreciated… i figure there must be a way to do this, just not sure how to get started.

    You should look into Kitten’s Show Categories plugin. I used it to only show categories on the index that were posted to cat 1 and anything that was cross-listed with cat 1 and cat x. Get it here:


    Firstly, it seems that the MooKitty plugin is no longer supported and therefor is not compatible with WP 1.5

    Secondly, asked some questions in the IRC channel and it seems you can’t do this without a plugin or some pretty good loop hacking skills. I have neither, so I am looking for someone to write this as a plugin.

    I will put the idea together a bit clearer and make a new post, asking for a writer to write the plugin.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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