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Restricting access to links

  • Hello guys…
    Ok, the help this time is a little complicated…

    I’m using wordpress as a CMS for an Intranet in a Company… the issue is that they want to publish some documents and restrict the access to the files they upload to the multimedia section compared to a meta-key of each user.

    Now, using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin and a little of code I find a way to do this limitation but to the POST, not the file itself…

    The thing is that once you upload the file and insert it into the post it’s not an object but a simple link and it has no attributes to it…

    My question is if there is a way to apply any sort of attributes to a link so I can use them and restrict the access comparing it to a certain value in the meta data of the user of wordpress.

    HELP PLEASE!!! 😀 Thanks just for reading

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  • Is it possible to create a URL that points – not directly to the media files, but to another post in the restricted area – and that post contains the video you want to watch?

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