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  • Hi everyone,

    Is it possible to have a seperated area in wordpress. For example a certain category that has it’s own single.php and will not be found using the searchengine. Perhaps also protected with a password.

    In a nutshell, just another WordPress blog within a wordpress blog, using the same database so i don’t have to login on multiple pages. Just a blog seperated from the normal blog but using the technique of wordpress.

    For example the comments are kind of separated from the actuall blog, altough they use the same single and stuff. At least they are not found using the search.

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  • Found this while I was looking up something else. Just in case the question hits home with anyone …

    The way I do this is using the Category Access plugin – See

    — protects posts and categories according to individual permissions.

    I’m not quite sure what you mean by “it’s own single.php” – but customizing that should be straightforward.

    And if you do *want* the comments to be found by the search, check out the search everything plugin

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