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  • Hey all,

    Last night I went to bed and the site I am working on was PERFECTO! However, this afternoon the client calls me and tells me the footer has gone crazy… Take a peek at (the development environment).

    If you look at the footer in black, it should stretch the entire width of the screen and touch the left, bottom and right side. Does anyone know what is causing this very, very strange behavior?

    I was hoping to have the site finished for this evening, but apparently not! Any help you could give is very much appreciated.


    Geoff Wright

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  • whooami



    client? please dont tell me that youre being paid for work that youre getting help with here for free? Maybe you ought to acquaint yourself with the documentation. (so you can earn your money, instead of us) 🙂

    And not to rip into you, but if youre related to the link at the bottom of that site >> Site Design by Conformedia8

    THAT speaks very poorly of you. Im going to go out on a limb and say ANY design firm would investigate those errors before anything else, certainly before asking for help here.


    For starters, we don’t usually use WordPress, I am personally more of a Expression Engine fan – so you will have to excuse my lack of WordPress experience, thus lack of knowledge.

    I ask you guys for that reason, as I have no previous knowledge of WP, and this seems to be a very strange error, I asked because I wonder if anybody has also had this error.

    The way I usually work, and will continue to work is that I will build a site in a development environment and then iron out the kinks and errors when the design is complete, I generally find this the easiest way to work.

    I understand exactly what your saying, and by no means am I asking you to walk me through, but seeing as I have never used this, and this happens to be a support forum for WP templates, I thought “where better to go”.

    I never coded this from scratch, I took over this project from a programmer who had no further knowledge than to what he’s read on tutorials, no applicable knowledge. Therefore most of the errors you see belong to him.

    Is that OK with you?




    and ill point you to the OBVIOUS again :

    You have onviously already tinkered with the theme files enough to know whats where. So what exactly are you looking for (HTML help?), and how much do I get for fixing over 100 validation errors?

    the width of the footer sould be 100% and you have to play with possition: and clear: and so on.

    I could not agree more with whooami, because she is so right in her argument…


    I said I understood what you were saying at that I wondered how one minute the site is working perfectly, and then its fux0red!

    How much would you want 😉





    hahaha, funny 🙂 Ill have to think this over… I do have two days to burn 😛

    Youre on your way, down to 32 errrors, which is a H U G E improvement.

    Im pretty sure you’ll manage w/o any outside help.

    the theme files are just just plain old html with smatterings of php built in. If you can view source and look at files, youre a step ahead of everyone else.

    I dont and didnt mean to give you a hard time — youre just not the first ‘designer’ ive seen on here thats come looking for free help, and it gets a tad tiresome, as you might understand, to see.




    also, I dont know if you know this.. but the grey bars are completely different in ie 6 than in ff. I didnt look yesterday to see if they happened to be the same then, but theyre definitely diff. now between the 2 browsers.


    I know, tell me about it! Im working at the moment to make it look right in FF, IE and Safari… The menu bar doesn’t align correctly in all browsers without making the nasty horizontal bar appear…

    Its been killing me for hours!

    Thanks for the heads up though…

    Geoff Wright

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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