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  • Are there ways to restrict access by third party developers like:

    Per (admin) user plugin access
    Per (admin) user Client information obfuscation

    It seems it may be possible with user role customization, but I’m not sure about all elements…

    Is there a ready made solution for this?

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    It just doesn’t work that way. When you give someone admin access (or access to any level where they can write or install code), they “have” the site. Don’t give admin to someone you don’t absolutely trust. Make backups first, too.

    This plugin says otherwise, so check it out:

    That’s a nice example – thanks.

    I recognize there are security vulnerabilities and a lot comes with admin access. Surely, a malicious programmer could do anything with any amount of admin access, but I think restricting the ability to add and remove plugins, easily view data, make and export backups, etc. would go a long way to making it at least more difficult for someone to either steal data or perform undesired acitivites.

    Certainly agree that not giving it to anyone not trusted is good. It’s difficult with how easy it is for someone to become a wordpress plugin developer, and there’s no way of knowing who they really are, or how long the company has been around etc.

    Perhaps these will also help me accomplish what I’m looking for:

    Hi @supaiku

    Since you linked View Admin As I’d like to elaborate that plugin’s functionality.
    While it comes with a role/capability manager the main purpose of this plugin is to switch users, roles and capabilities.
    It’s more a tool to test your roles and user access and even to provide support for users by switching to their account and/or set default screen layouts for them.
    I’m sure the plugin will help you but it will not provide a solution to your question in this topic.

    Cheers! Jory

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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