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  • I’d really like to see a feature in WordPress that restricts various levels (or categories) of users to posting to certain categories only.
    Could not figure out how to do this in the admins panel, so I assume its not easily possible?
    The current user level system is pretty inflexible. For example, for several small organizations I’m going to be developing blogs for, I need to be able to restrict level 1 users to only being able to post to a “community events” category (for example). I don’t want them able to post to all categories (like organization press releases, etc.).
    Also, I need to be able to restrict certain admin users (such as the head of a particular group) to edit and delete only those posts in their own category, not other groups categories.
    The level system just makes everyone able to post everywhere, and sets up a (relatively un-useful) heirarchy of who can edit who’s posts by level rating of post only, not by category or content area.
    At least as far as I can figure. Am I wrong?

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  • Hi,
    As I understand it, the WordPress philosophy towards permissions is pretty basic. They created a modest userlevel system that in a pinch could allow you to delegate certain permissions, but clearly wasn’t meant for a full blown, heirarchical workflow sort of blogging. And the implementation of userlevels is basically limited to controlling who can post, and who can manage posts. So if someone posts, the Admin gets an email notice, reviews it, and if the user posted to the wrong category, the Admin just fixes it. In the worst case, I suppose the idea was that users of a blog, led by the Admin, would collaborate and put the smack-down via peer pressure, etc. on any user who persisted in posting to the wrong place, etc. so a technical solution for this wasn’t a high priority.
    The excellent Viewlevel plugin extended userlevels to make certain posts only viewable to certain users. Still, anyone could post…the admin or a userlevel 5+ user keeps an eye on things…
    Some efforts have gone into technical solutions to enforce policies. But, none of them are as granular as what you want — delegation of just the right kind and amount of authority to various users or departments, etc. so that the system will sort of automagically protect them from themselves.
    Still, you should check out these:
    I don’t think any one of them will get you exactly what you want, but maybe you will find that one of them is pretty close to what you want and will significantly reduce the wordload for the Admin or senior users who ultimately have to enforce the policies you have in mind.
    Good luck.

    It doesn’t matter how “excellent” might be the Viewlevel plugin, because as its name says (view…) it has nothing to do with limiting the users posting privileges.
    Daedalus, for the time being it’s impossible in WP to do what you’d like. See this topic, too.

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