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  • Anyone know how to (or of any good plugins that will) make it so that a Super/Network Admin is the only person allowed to add a specific tag to a post? It’s fine if regular site admins are able to remove the tag themselves once it’s added to their posts by a SA, but I do NOT want them adding it to their posts themselves.

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  • Nope, that lets the SA define a list of tags, and turns the freeform tag entry into a checkbox thing, like the category meta box, and makes it impossible for non-SAs to add ANY tags (they can only use the ones entered by SAs). I want them to be able to add tags just like they do now, just not one specific word.

    I’m trying to create a featured post area for my main site (to highlight one child site post of my choice) without using a plugin. I was going to hardcode the display of the latest post bearing the tag “featured” into a custom template for use as my front page.

    ETA: I’m currently using Featured Content Gallery, the edit post meta box for which I’ve modified to only be visible to me (SA), so if I see a post pop up in the feed of latest posts that I like, I can click in to it’s edit screen, tick the “featured” box, save, and voila. Only issue is how it displays the posts (slideshow).

    What would be ideal is something with a backend setup like that (tick a box that’s visible only to SA on each post’s edit screen to feature), and have the output be static, and display a different marked-as-featured post each time the page displaying the output is refreshed.

    ETAA: I do use the Sitewide Tags plugin, so posts are actually imported from child sites to my main site, so that part is taken care of. I just need a quick and easy way to mark a post as featured (and clicking the post, taking you through to the child site, then clicking the edit icon, seems to be the quickest way), and then display those in NON-slider form on a templated page.

    I was about to suggest a plugin for featured posts, too… is what uses, or rather, it’s what they use started life as.

    I saw that one as well, but really don’t like the idea of having to open up my dashboard, and then have to search for the post that caught my eye in the “newest” posts area of the frontend. I’d really like to keep the following procedure in place:

    1. See a cool post on (index page of main site in network)

    2. Click on cool post (which takes me to the post on the child site, not to the version that is copied into the main site via the sitewide tags plugin)

    3. Click the “edit” icon there, click a checkbox (or add a quick tag or whatever), and update

    4. See post displayed in “Featured” area of main site, with featured image, post title, and excerpt

    ETA: I guess what I really want is to hack the Featured Content Showcase to remove the whole slideshow mess and have it just display one post (w/ image, title, and excerpt) with each new page load.

    Nevermind, SUCCESS! After messing around with the Featured Content Showcase plugin (the one I was using to output the slideshow that I’m not wanting now), I found that it used a query to populate the slideshow, and contained the following 2 args:

    'meta_key' => '_fcs_featured',
      'meta_value' => 'true',

    So, I just wrote a new query directly into my template using those, along with the following, and am getting exactly what I wanted!

    'orderby' => 'rand',
    'numberposts' =>1,

    Now all I need to do is style it, and I’m really in bidnezz 😀

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