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  • I am using WP MU to set up more than one intranet sites for different projects. Each site is a subdirectory of the main site. So if I have a MAIN site, I then have MAIN/site1, MAIN/site2 etc. Users log into a site with a login id and passwd.

    I need to be able to email specific users their login/passwd with permissions to access only one specific site, not the MAIN site or any of the other sites. How do I do that?

    I have installed the “Restricted Site Access” plugin to ensure users must login. When I send invites from a site (eg site1) it sends them an email invite but there is no password to login. If I send an invite from the MAIN site it emails a login id and passwd but now the user can log into MAIN as well as every other site.

    Please help, appreciate your inputs.

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  • The users are actually pseudo subscribers to the main site and other sites. Yes they can log in, but they don’t actually see anything. What you’re experiencing is how WordPress Multisite is supposed to work.

    If you need to 100% segregate your sites, you should have separate installs.

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