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  • Hi,

    I’ve done quite extensive research and testing of multiple plugins and work-arounds to get what I think should be something pretty straight-forward.

    What I am looking for is a way to restrict a post or page to a specific user so that only that user and myself can access the content. Example of how this would be used:

    1. Client proposals: I create a client proposal as a post. The client can then access, and potentially edit the post, or at least can read the post and make comments on it. Combined with the ability to upload files, this could be perfect for proposals. However, the client should only be able to access his/her proposal – no one elses. The client should also be able to see this post on his/her dashboard but this would be a secondary feature.

    If someone has been able to do this with a plugin I am unaware of or has a hack for a plugin, please let me know.


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  • Hi there,
    I had the same problem, and I’m currently in the middle of solving it through the use of several plugins in combination.

    There are many good plugins that put content behind a password wall, but the only one I found that let’s you limit each page to an individual user is called Norman Member Pages, aka Subzane Member Pages. So far it’s working well.

    You may also want to use Peter’s Login Redirect plugin which will also send users right to their User page as soon as they login.

    Last (or first, actually), you want to use a plugin called New User Approve so that you can control who joins the site… this also gives you time to create the user page before they try to login.

    Also don’t forget to enable membership in the General Settings.

    I used a couple of other plugins too… this project is like making a plugin cocktail, but it’s working! Let me know if you need help.

    Update… found a much better plugin for this: Role Scoper. Lets you have all types of options, and still edit access on each page editor. A great solution for this.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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