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  • Hello all.

    Hopefully i’m not being stupid here – i’m hoping to use WordPress as a content management tool for a project i’m working on, but one of my key requirements is to restrict the editing of pages to the page author (or to the admin and possibly a ‘super editor’ user if such a thing is possible) – can this be done? i know (i mean i think) it can be done with posts but ideally i need to be able to do it with pages too. Ideally i would create the pages as the admin and then assign the pages to certain users to edit.

    Any help much appreciated as always.


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  • Mark Jaquith


    WordPress Lead Dev

    Yes. By default, people with the role of “Author” can only edit their own posts. “Editors” or “Administrators” can edit anyone’s posts.

    Check out this handy table:

    Hi Mark,

    Cheers for that – it confirms what i thought about the posts. There doesn’t seem to be an entry on that table for edit_others_pages which I fear is where i’m going to come unstuck. It seems you can either edit pages or not, rather than specify whether authors have edit rights to only their own pages.


    Any more thoughts on this one? I have to confess i’m cheating here to get this post back to the top of the list. I’ve slapped my own wrist.


    I have the same problem and if it hasn’t been solved since June, I guess I am in trouble. Under 1.5 an author could only edit his own pages. Under 2.0.3 an author can edit or even delete any page. This makes no sense. Why be able to restrict an author to editing his own posts and not pages.

    Ticket #2301 is referenced in some other related threads.

    For the record, I got this to work on WordPress 2.1.2 and am documenting it here in case others might find it useful.

    1. Install the Role Manager plugin, (v. 2.0.5 as of today) and activate it.

    2. In the Users>Roles page, click
    Edit Published Pages capability
    for the Author role.

    Once that’s done, users with the Author role will be able to edit pages that they own and only those pages.

    They will, however, need to get to the edit screen by browsing to the page and selecting the “edit” link as displayed by the theme.

    3. If folks also need the “Manage > Pages” interface, return to “Users>Roles” and turn on the “Edit Pages” capability, too.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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