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[Resolved] Restrict orders to locale or ID

  • Is there anyway to restrict orders from unwanted sources i.e with a whitelist of local postcodes or a verification of ID via a Facebook account?
    It’s a great plugin as it is and I’m going to by the addon from you. I’ll be attempting to have this rocking on top of a Studiopress Mobile Adaptive theme so I’ll let you know anything I run into. Thanks again, Matt.


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  • Plugin Author ollybach



    you could go to wppizza->settings->order from settings
    set one of the custom fields to label->postcodes , enabled->checked, required->checked,type->select and type in a comma seperated list of postcodes…

    does that help

    (there’s something in the making that will enable to associate postcodes with delivery prices . lets say postcode1->minimum delivery 12.00, postcode2-> minimum delivery 15.oo and so on, but that’s a few weeks away yet)

    Hi Olly,
    Great solution, though will that give them a huge list of postcodes to pick from or just verify the one they have typed in?
    Regarding the ID authentication, would you suggest setting up a “customer role” and using a “Sign Up with Facebook” extension for returning customers? I’m thinking this could allow verified users to order from different locations for instance if they are at someones party in the delivery area. One final question, is there an option to order online then pick up from the takeaway? (my client has a discount for those that collect their order)
    Thanks again

    Plugin Author ollybach


    a) it’ll give them a list (depending on how postcodes in your country are organized, you might be able to group them, though.
    i.e 1220-1250,1345-1349,1600-1650 etc)

    b) if users/customers are in a different location but in the delivery area , they just type in another address, no ?!
    (there’s a case that can be made for offering something to returning customers, but that’s an altogether different story)

    c) self-pickup (as opposed to delivery): it’s on my list of things to do .
    will hopefully be integrated in a few weeks . I havent got a precise ETA though at the moment. sorry

    Plugin Author ollybach


    as c) is done, I’ll mark this as resolved (for the moment anyway)

    (working on a “restrict to postcode”/”select your postcode” or similar solution anyway)

    Plugin Author ollybach


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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