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    I have a multisite install where I want closed user registrations on all sites except on one site. This particular subdomain site (say: wants to run their membership dues through their site. I’m just getting started setting up s2Member for them, but it appears that new signups will have to FIRST go to a signup for, THEN back to the signup page for subsite1.

    I’m not averse to having the new signups be users at (in fact, they will be, since I’ve got Multisite User Management configured to add all the new users at all subsites as subscribers to — the issue is the two-step signup, and the potential members’ concerns about registering to something they don’t understand– since with domain-mapping in place, they most likely perceive “” as a stand-alone site. (When I set up the network, I only imagined that editors & contributors to the subsites would be users…) I don’t want that two-step process to affect the “conversion rate” of my subsite organization’s membership signup.

    Is there a way to consolidate that signup process only on the site1-branded page?

    Or, can someone recommend a membership management plugin that doesn’t use the WP users function? This org is simply tracking membership, not restricting access to any of the website content.

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