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  • Ruth at Virtual Balance


    When you check the boxes, it means that the person can edit or use that category.
    I want to be able to restrict categories, i.e. check the boxes that people cannot edit or use
    For example I have 5 categories, ABCDE. I want certain people, Authors on my website, not to be able to use category A.In order to do this, I have to check the boxes for categories BCDE.
    In that example it’s OK but on my website I have already got 123 categories, so I have to check 122 boxes to restrict one category.
    The real reason I’m bothered is that what I want to happen is a certain number of categories are restricted. Then I want to give Authors the freedom to create as many new categories as they want and freely use those without me having to check every day what new categories there might be.
    I hope this is making sense.The logic is difficult to understand, even for me, and I’m writing it!

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