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  • It would be nice if there was a built in feature to allow Administrators to select a category or categories that Authors are allowed to post to.

    I have a number or contributors that I would like to provide access to, but don’t want them screwing up my site by posting to the wrong categories.

    There are some plugins that kind of do this, but nothing that is easy to use or implement.

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  • Role Scoper maybe?

    Not the most intuitive of plugins, but the author is very actively developing the plugin, and replies to many of the queries on the forums. I think it’s probably one of the most robust plugins that is definitely compatible with 2.6.

    mosey (or others),

    Can you list some suggestions on how I can make Role Scoper more intuitive / shorten its learning curve? What aspects of the interface are most unfriendly to you?

    The defensive side of me wants to say the plugin gets penalized for doing too much – it would be better received if it only dealt with read access to individual posts/pages, only reduced the categories authors can post to, or only allowed subscribers to edit specific page(s).

    I’ve been in direct contact with enough users to know that all Role Scoper’s shades of access control and most/all of its options are a must-have for somebody. How would you change the UI to allow seamless control and customization to those who want it, yet guide each user more directly to “what I want to do”?

    Do I need to:

    • Break it into a suite of plugins?
    • Create wizards?
    • Use Ajax (where)?
    • Make some simpler adjustment to the menus / controls?

    Do you hate the fact that category restrictions and roles are edited on separate screens?

    …that user and group category roles are assigned on two separate screens?

    There are just too many options? Which ones would you rather not see?

    You don’t appreciate some of the terminology I introduce – “Sections”, “Objects”, “Scope” or “Exclusive”?

    I’m really open to suggestions but need to weigh a lot of different “use cases”.

    Hi Kevin, I just start using Role Scoper and it really look like a great plugin , my only problem is that I don’t really understand how to use it. I just need to restrict a user or group of users from publishing post in some categories. Could you please explain to me how can I do that with Role Scoper.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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