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  1. fredriley
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    This is a FAQ that doesn't appear in the FAQ. I'm using WP as a CMS for a site I'm moving from http://www.eurocall-languages.org, and want to restrict certain authors and editors to particular pages/sections of the site. I can't see how to do this in the basic WP interface, so does this need a plugin, and if so which plugin would folk recommend?

    I'll likely be using the s2member plugin at some point and that may have such a restriction capability, but it may not and I would like to know how to do this in a standard WP installation.

    This is definitely a FAQ because searching the Codex for "restrict+author+by+page" gets gadzillions of hits, but most are many years old, and the more recent ones I've seen refer to posts rather than pages, for instance restricting editing to certain post categories. I have no posts in my site, only pages, and AFAIK you can't set categories or tags on pages.

    I've read the good document on Roles and Capabilities but can't see an answer to the Q in there. If there is a FAQ somewhere, or I've missed a manual page which I should have read, feel free to say RTFM but please be gentle about it :o)


  2. fredriley
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    Ok, I suppose I'd best reply to my own post as no-one else has. I've had a look at the following plugins to implement what should be fairly basic functionality for a CMS:

    Advanced Access Manager. More features than a pomegranate has pips, but it's not clear if it can restrict a page to an individual user, and it worryingly messes about with user roles, including setting up a super-administrator.

    Capability Manager enhanced. This manages roles rather than page permissions.

    User access manager. Installing this on localhost running XAMPP and WP 3.4.2 generates, on activation, the PHP error "Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed in C:\devt\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\user-access-manager\class\UamUserGroup.class.php on line 646" - D'OH!!

    WordPress restrictions. Only in v0.2, only 2 reviews, and only tested up to WP 3.2

    CaPa protect. Restricts by user role only, not user name, and looks to be aimed at restricting post/page viewing, rather than editing. Also only in v0.5

    A thread on the Codex from 2 years back recommended using the Role Manager plugin, but that no longer exists in the wp-plugins directory, though the author maintains a site where you can get it. However, as a matter of security policy I only use 'authorised' plugins on wp-plugins, particularly after viewing a thread on the HMEI7 hack on the Codex.

    After nearly 2 hours of frog-kissing I got a little disheartened and sick of the taste of frog so I called it a night after that.

    So, can anyone suggest any other means of restricting post editing by user? I'm surprised that it's not part of the core WP setup as it's standard in CMSs, though in fairness WP has only been a CMS platform since v3.


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