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  • Hi
    in version 2, it seems that some setting in access tab has changed.
    I want to redirect guests users from wp-admin default login page to Ultimate Member login form.
    This setting was in version 1 in access tab with this option: Allow backend login screen for guests

    where is this option in new version and how can i do this?

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  • Ultimate member > user Roles > edit Role

    sorry regard the above remark.

    I’m not sure yet what the issue is here but I still can access the wp-login.php page.

    (@mohammad6666) is it working for you?

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    This setting has been removed from plugin in 2.0 as it was causing some lockouts of admin for some users who misconfigured plugin settings.


    Such a handy and useful feature of a community / membership website. And I don’t think this is a great improvement as we need this option, so we have to use a third party plugin.

    Dear Calum, first you pamper me with all great features and now you’re ripping them all out.

    I do not understand why such a positive function should be removed.
    how can i downgrade to version 1.3.88?

    Is it enough to delete new version and replace with old version?
    or database has changed in new version and may cause problems?

    please help

    You can downgrade with WP Rollback plugin !

    I really don’t understand why you removed this option. It’s super important.

    Does anyone know if there is a better solution so that spammers or hackers can’t access wp-login.php but it not interfere with login process or redirect process? I tried different plugins but it created login or redirect problems.

    Use this to fix the wp-login problem plus still be able to sign in through UM login. The only conflict I found was the WP recaptcha integration plugin (even if login wasnt enabled on it). But you shouldnt need it (unless for comment section) for login since login will be redirected by this code. GL.

    /* redirect wp-login page */

    function custom_login(){
    global $pagenow;
    if( ‘wp-login.php’ == $pagenow && $_GET[‘action’]!=”logout”) {

    Older versions have a vulnerability and the site is easy to hack. I have using this plugin were infected with 5 websites. I had to switch to the new version. And, uh, the lack of old features upsets me, too.

    I solved this issue with the plugin Redirection no conflicts arise

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