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    I would like to create users on my website and restrict their access to only 1 “post”. More specifically, I only want them to be able to manage their listing in a directory. For instance, on a chamber of commerce website there is a searchable directory of businesses that can be updated by each business. I know I can create a post and change the author to a particular user so the contributor can only edit this particular post, but I want to be able to moderate any changes they make to their listing before it goes live. Currently, I can make it so the contributor can log in and edit their listing (post), but they can update the listing on their own. Is there a way to restrict their access so they can only submit their change for review?

    Is there a better way to achieve this? I have been searching for other solutions such as creating a form that when filled out creates a “post” that is searchable and automatically input into a directory. The user must be able to log in and edit their own listing only. They must not be able to see anything else in the back end. The form would be simple such as business name, address, website and have a “tag” or “category” to fit into.

    People keep telling me this won’t be doable in WordPress but I say that is simply not true. There are more experienced people than me out there who have already done this I’m sure.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • inhouse, I think I know what you’re going for although I’m not exactly sure what you’ve already tried… If you create a new Contributor then they are only allowed to create a new post and submit it for Admin review. Once it has been reviewed the Admin can publish the post. After this step the Contributor can no longer edit the post.

    If you are worried about the Contributor creating more than one post, you can be assured that the Admin will catch the post before it is published.

    If you want the Contributor to have the ability to edit published posts you will need to extend functionality with a plugin. This one called Role Manager is pretty good:
    As far as I know though, after giving the contributor the ability to edit published posts there is no way to Admin review again before the changes are published.

    I think your best bet might be to skip the plugin, give the businesses Contributor accounts, and have them make sure that the business info they list is correct before your Admin publishes. If they absolutely have to make changes, they can log-in and create a new post. At this point your Admin can erase the first listing, and publish the new one.

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