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  • I revisited my post from a year ago on this thread about how I used Roles (author) to restrict access, but that doesn’t seem to apply anymore because all sites are listed in a dropdown when adding media to a post.

    How (is it possible) can we

    1) make only one site the source of media files?


    2) give access to certain subsites/users?


    (willing to edit php files if needed – but don’t know what to edit)

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  • brainstorming…

    looking at network_shared_media.php I’m wondering if can replace global ID’s etc with manually entering the ‘target’ ID or ID’s for the media repository sites. (and just be careful during plugin updates)

    many different admins on the network and they won’t want to share images – but need central repository


    I feel like such a bonehead…

    I tested and tested and dinked around

    Network Shared Media already restricts access… users have to have ‘upload’ permissions on the target site. (ie author role etc). I was using User Switching plugin but also the addon for switch in the Admin Bar and it wasn’t actually changing the user role for some reason from the Admin bar.


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