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  • If, like me, you were using your own static homepage as described here:

    Setting the Home Page

    under version and found it disappeared when upgrading to 1.9.0/1.9.1 then I have a simple fix so everything will work as it did.

    I tried all the suggestions and could not get what I wanted. The workarounds did not result in what I initially had. So after countless hours of pulling my hair out, I finally got it to work.

    All I needed to do was add a modified front-page.php to my child theme and update the custom CSS from that link.

    You can see how I am using the theme here . I am just using it as a normal blog, and only wanted that theme because it is suitable for multiple devices (responsive).

    If you want to try upgrading and get your site to stay looking the same, then the file and CSS can be downloaded here.

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  • I had the same problem. Apparently, I simply did not read through the new instructions. Basically, all I had to do was create an empty static page titled “Home” and an empty page titled “blog” and put them in “settings” – “reading” as home and blog.

    exactly as written here.

    no need to rename anything

    Still, I didn’t quite like the fact that a normal update messed up totally my website


    The fix I used is for someone who doesn’t want to use the theme’s default homepage, but one of their own pages instead. That was what the themeid post I referred to was showing people how to do (under

    I wanted my blog to open with my own static page, but still look like a blog, with all the normal widgets on the right. I didn’t want to have a blog link in the menu, because you’re already in the blog.

    So this fix is not for everyone, only those who want their blog set up the way mine is. I deliberately wanted a simple set up, that looked like an older WordPress style, but had the benefits of being able to reshape itself because of the responsive theme.

    no wonder my front page missing ….

    Any idea on when this will be fixed? I read that they are working on fixing it but I’m not sure if in the mean time I should take the time to figure out how to fix it myself.

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