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    Hi all,

    I recently encountered an issue and needed to restore from a backup using BackWPup. Then Imported the database again but I didn’t expect to find an install WP screen after I had imported.
    Why is it necessary to reinstall, or is this a common glitch to which there are workarounds?
    Interestingly, the tutorial I followed clearly stated this is normal and 100% procedure.

    Please, if you’re reading this now, bring your fingers to the keyboard.

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  • First thing that comes to my head, is that the exact WordPress version between database and actual WP script are not exactly the same.

    This may help:

    Quick response – thanks!
    No I don’t think so. Anyway how can I verify it and/or change it?

    Did you make sure the wp-config.php had the appropriate information listed correctly?

    For example… table prefix?

    Not sure if this may help, but did you review this:

    In wp-config it’s just standard: ‘wp_’ , and the database in phpmyadmin no longer exists – I’ve created a new one by the same name.

    Yes thanks, I looked at it but I don’t understand to what extent I will be required to use Mysql commands.
    I should say that
    (1)the backup I had made prior to deleting the database tables was very complete.
    (2)It’s a very young project so there aren’t many tables to begin with. It doesn’t take long to import it either and it goes smoothly until the reinstall bit.
    (3)The site is local not live, and I’m using WAMP.

    If I understand what your last comment said, that would lay your problem. If you restored the database, it is not to be found within the phpMyAdmin, along with its associated tables and information. Then there is nothing for WP to work with.

    Therefore, if nothing is showing, and you have a blank database with just a matching dB name; then WordPress would obviously need to prepare the dB for usage. Hence, the installation setup. If you still have a copy of the backup database, then I would review the link I posted and try to restore the database again. Delete the “recently created” database and start fresh.

    Hope it works out for you insurgenesis

    OK just to be clear, this is what I did:
    I deleted old db, started afresh with a new db name (but one that corresponds to the old one in backup) and attempted to import into the new one the contents of the old.

    Personally, I have not worked with WAMP and not sure buddy if things would be of the same concepts. Personally, when I’m working on new websites, I have always created within a sub-directory, then moved WP upon completion.

    Maybe this could help you better:

    I found it – it’s always good to make doubly sure.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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