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  • My site went down do to a plugin modification (it was either the login or the pagelines theme)
    I was able to backup the content of the site – all posts and pages and users into a sql file.

    I reinstalled wordpress and was working with the example site and data (hello world) blog even though I had linked it to the table that had all the correct data.

    Is there any way to have wordpress connect to my database and display the data as is used to be? Each time I try I either get the sample data or I get a redirect error.

    Are there certain tables I should keep or not keep? Is there a better way to restore from .sql?

    I deleted all the table data and imported the tables from a backup date where everything worked. However, when I link to the site this time I get the set up page for 5 minute install. My fear is that once I set it up again, it will overwrite my database with the sample blogs and comments again.

    Any one have any ideas or advice?

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  • the new database should use the same table_prefix as the saved .sql file
    once the new wordpress is setup, it should be just a matter of logging into phpmyadmin and clicking on import tab and specifying your .sql file. If the table_prefix matches in wp-config.php you should see your old data in the new site.

    Thank you.
    I have tried this. The tables did not have the same prefix so I have modified the sql so they match then re-imported it.

    I am now getting a 500 error message on both the index.php and wp-admin

    View at:

    Try checking your wp-config.php fle to ensure they match up with the new database name/password/host that you set up.

    They match. I think I am either missing something or there is something in the table data that is causing this.

    can you grab another back up?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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