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[Resolved] restoring the one click logout

  • Hi development people,

    With 3.2, to logout of WordPress now requires that I click on something twice, TWICE to logout. I have found this to be super annoying and I wrote myself a function and hacked the wordpress core to get it so I would be able to have a one click logout again. As I hacked the 3.2.1 core and looked at the previous 3.1.4 core, particularly the admin-header.php file is used to control this, I saw that you had done some simplifying of the code which was good, but I noticed that there appeared to be javascript running the dropdown menu (first click) which opens to the logout link (second click). I checked the latest nightly build and there is no change to this. When I hacked 3.2.1 the changes I made to make it a one click logout were quite minor and it wouldn’t take a whole lot for the development crew to adjust the core to allow the option for a one click logout again.

    Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, it wouldn’t take much to make it easier to logout. And I would much appreciate if that small adjustment was made in the alpha and beta realms so we can have a simple, one click logout again.

    Many thanks!

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  • FYI this is NOT an alpha/beta question 😉 Semantics. The A/B forum is for if you’re using, say, 3.3-beta right now (so I moved this to Misc.)

    With 3.2, to logout of WordPress now requires that I click on something twice

    I cannot reproduce this. What are you clicking on? If I use the logout link from the WP Admin Bar, it logs me out right away.

    For those of us who do not use the relatively new admin bar that drops down (it’s gray colored) at the top of the screen (because it just adds clutter to our WordPress installation – it is deactivate), when WE logout, we use the logout in the upper right corner, which with 3.2 now requires us to annoyingly click on it twice, unless we hack the core, which I’ve done on my own 3.2.1 installation.

    Anyway, I hope that the WordPress dev. folks would alter the core in future releases for those of us who do not use the gray colored admin bar, so that we’ll have a simple one click logout again.

    Thank you! 🙂

    when WE logout, we use the logout in the upper right corner

    You mean from the admin end of WP? And how the ‘Howdy’ changed to a dropdown which means you click once and THEN click logout?

    Right. IIRC, that’s because without the extra click, the feature didn’t work AT ALL on WebOS/Mobile browsers, and this was a patch to make it more useful for everyone. Annoying, yes, but very necessary. I had thought there was a plugin that did not hack core to return that functionality, but I may have dreamed it. Still the whole drama is here: http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/17324

    If you look at the CSS changes involved, you SHOULD be able to make an admin theme that restores the functionality.

    I would strongly suggest using the admin bar anyway, as many features that used to be in the header are moving to to that bar (like create post etc). It may add clutter, but it is the direction WP is headed with things.

    I did write a plugin/function for myself to alter the admin theme, but there was some sort of javascript running in the background which I couldn’t force to deactivate, so even when I got the logout to appear, I still had to click on it twice. The only way around I found was to hack the core, so I did.

    You said: “It may add clutter, but it is the direction WP is headed with things.”

    Wow, WordPress is going in the direction of MORE CLUTTER. Actually, that doesn’t sound very good at all. Maybe you should discuss this more before you head more in that direction, dragging the rest of us into WordPress clutterland. lol. Or perhaps that is the nature of it, if WP doesn’t evolve really well, there’ll be more core hacking and plugin writing to compensate.

    Maybe what I’m trying to say is, if you do alter things dramatically, with more clutter or otherwise, I would appreciate it if the dev. team made it easier to customize the backend logout, or just to restore it to a very simple one click logout, the code changes of which appear quite tiny to me.

    Thank you! 🙂

    I don’t work for WordPress 🙂 I’m just a volunteer.

    I actually like the idea of the Admin Bar being the place for Admin Operations, versus the header of my Admin Page. It concentrates it in one location, and provides consistency. I can now logout from ANY page on my site (I don’t have a meta login/logout on the front of my site). Ditto making a post, or managing comments and getting alerts. All I have to be is logged in. Speeds my workflow up a lot.

    If UI is really something you’re into, though, check out http://make.wordpress.org/ui/

    I most clearly DO NOT work with WordPress in the same way that you do, and YOUR way of doing and enjoying wordpress is very, very different than MY way.

    If only volunteers are here in this forum, then if my squeeky wheel cannot be heard here by anyone of influence here, then thank you for the link where potentially my squeeking may continue. 🙂



    Forum Moderator

    If only volunteers are here in this forum, then if my squeeky wheel cannot be heard here by anyone of influence here

    What makes you think that most core devs aren’t volunteers too? Or that those “with influence” don’t read this forum? Your wheel is already squeaking in the right place. Don’t be put off if some of us don’t agree. That’s what forums are for, after all. 😉

    But Ipstenu is right. The very best way to influence the future development of WordPress is to get involved and if UI rocks your boat, then go for it!

    I most clearly DO NOT work with WordPress in the same way that you do, and YOUR way of doing and enjoying wordpress is very, very different than MY way.

    Well. Of course 🙂 We all use things differently, and sometimes the way we use a product has to adapt. So I was (in the attempt to be helpful) suggesting that perhaps you could adapt your workflow to the way things seem to be going.

    I would like that to be a hover-dropdown too (Multisite’s network admin button is hidden there), but I understand why it’s not. Hopefully they’ll sort a workaround, but I have a feeling it’s more likely that ‘Howdy….’ will go away in favor of the Admin Bar.

    Okay, as you can tell by the post here, this issue has really been driving me pretty much absolutely nuts. I had earlier posted a post elsewhere on the forum for help, but none came, so my squeeking wheel began here among the developers.

    Nonetheless, a solution in a plugin/function form finally dawned on me — just cover up the problem with a z-indexed, absolutely positioned div that has a one-click-logout, visually pasted directly OVER the current two-click-logout. When or if the dev. people decide to simplify it and make it a simple one click logout again, which I hope is soon, or make it so one can customize it as such, at least for now, I’ve slapped a wallpaper of a link over it instead of having to alter the core with every core update. Yay!!!!

    My visually pasting-over solution is found at:

    That’s really cool 🙂

    Can you make a ‘real’ plugin for it? http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/about/ Then people can download it and run off to the races.

    You’d probably want to toss in a check for if it’s a multisite and put the network admin link in there too, for full coverage.

    My very first plugin is uploaded!!!!


    I did a multisite test of it and it’s really only good for single site installations, but I made a note of that on the info page. If I do any future releases, I suppose I can work on that, but for now, it works.

    Thank you sooo much Ipstenu, and the rest, for you help! (and the suggestion to make it a real plugin!) 🙂

    One Click Logout is excellent – just installed and works great. Simple & efficient – what’s not to like?

    A neat little extra which would be simple to include, perhaps:
    Add the facility to choose a URL to direct to on logout – default to blog home page but changeable by admin.

    Any chance of adding this in the near future, please?

    Actually, yes, this is a feature that could definitely potentially be incorporated, but I probably won’t. The code for this plugin is SUPER simple, it just tidies up a single aspect of WordPress, and for me to add a “settings” page for this plugin to add further functionality in the manner you suggest or otherwise, though it might be a great functional enhancement, I don’t have a personal interest on adding a whole lot of bells and whistles to the plugin itself. I was just annoyed and wanted a quick one click logout again.

    Though, I suppose if enough custom bells and whistle requests came in I could spend some time adding a “settings” page of sorts.

    Otherwise, I would suggest the following:
    To change the default to redirect you to the blog/site home page INSTEAD of to a login page, simply open up the plugin file “one-click-logout.php”, find the words “wp_logout_url()” in the code and change them to “wp_logout_url( home_url() )“. With this slight code alteration, when you click on the logout link it will log you out, but then immediately redirect your browser to the site homepage.

    I hope that is helpful! 🙂

    3.3 SVN has one click logout returned, but it’s in the Admin Bar.

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