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  • My blog was hacked into this past weekend at GoDaddy. If I restore the files back say from about 2 weeks ago, do I lose the current content on posts and/or pages that are updated daily? I upload images and post links to them in posts/pages on a daily basis. Will restoring my site back 2 weeks lose the content for those 2 weeks? Can .jpg images be hacked into? I see that the images are stored in my root folder. What about my pages and posts? Can a database be hacked into? How do I test that?

    Thank you.

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  • If you re-upload your files it will not affect the database. If you revert to an earlier version of the database you will lose any changes made since the backup data file was made.

    Where are pages and posts and content in them including links stored? Which files need to be restores without affecting the latest content?
    Thank you.

    I downloaded a copy of my website on to my Hard drive using Dreamweaver, As per a tech at GoDaddy all I needed to do was upload all the files to their host. Didnt work, I had to change the wp-config to the new database that was created and that didnt work. I then learned I needed my database. So luckily the site wasnt destroyed yet and I thought all was ok. I downloaded my mySQL file and I have the original DB file. I then read that I needed to change the site url on the old site. NOW NOTHING WORKS.
    I have the files that I DL’ed with Dreamweaver, the original mySQL file. If i try to upload everything to the old hosting company- I get kicked into the new URL and the theme and EVERYTHING I did does not show up.

    Any ideas or direction would be much appreciated.

    I have done clean install of my wordpress blog last week by do this followings:
    1. Backup database, and download it.
    2. rename wp-content as wp-content1
    3. Clean install, and after installing, drop all database, and then import your old database.
    4. Open wp-config.php and edit wp_ table prefix to your old one.
    5. Delete new wp-content folder, and rename back wp-content1 to wp-content.
    This way work for me well.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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