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  • Hi All,

    Fantastic tool. Nice job.

    I’ve been using WordPress for a couple months now, and I’m backing up my database (I’ll call it abc.sql for this conversation) using phpMyAdmin every couple weeks or so. I do so using the “restore database” information I find @ Codex. It’s been occuring to me that my version of phpMyAdmin doesn’t appear exactly the same as what I see in the Codex tutorial snapshots, so I’ve been concerned if I’m not doing it correctly. While I have my my database backed up locally (abc.sql), I need to be convinced that the backup works if I’m going to feel comfortable with things.

    To be specific, the tutorial snapshots of phpMyAdmin ( differ from my version as follows:

    Instead of having two separate areas for “Structure” and “Data”, I only have a series of radio buttons and check boxes. The radio buttons are:

    * Structure only
    * Structure and data
    * Data only
    * Export to XML format
    * LaTeX

    Should I be selecting “Structure and Data”? That’s what I’ve been doing.

    The checkboxes are:

    – Add ‘drop table’
    – Complete inserts
    – Extended inserts
    – Enclose table and field names with backquotes
    – Save as file ( “zipped” “gzipped” )

    I’ve been selecting “Enclose table and field names with backquotes”.

    *Note that phpMyAdmin does not have the “Add AUTO_INCREMENT” checkbox as seen in the screenshot.

    I’m hosting on GoDaddy, and using its phpMyAdmin 2.40 interface, which it makes available to me in my main GoDaddy account.

    Thinking about a worst-case scenario, I installed WordPress on a buddy’s account, also with GoDaddy. It installed correctly with the default settings. As a test, I tried dumping my abs.sql file into it to mimick what would happen should I ever want to Import my blog to another site. From my buddy’s GoDaddy admin panel, I used phpMyAdmin and followed the Codex instructions on “Restoring from Back-up”. I pointed to the file and clicked Go, and get an error that the “table already exists”. So…

    In phpMyAdmin, I Drop all the tables in the abc.sql db, and try again. I point to the file and click Go. phpMyAdmin eventually gives me a success message, telling me that the database was uploaded. I can also see the tables in the phpMyAdmin window. So everything appears fine at this point.

    However, when I then go and point to my buddy’s site’s /wordpress folder in a browser, I’m now faced with a blank page. It’s as iff the imported tables are empty (?) Note that the wp install was fine before the abc.sql Import attempt.

    I did a View Source of my buddy’s blank page, and see a very naked:


    Any ideas as to what the problem could be here for me? Questions I don’t know answers to:

    A. Did I possibly do the Export incorrectly from my first site?

    B. If the Export is fine, is it the Import that’s the problem? If so, is it a problem with phpMyAdmin itself, incorrect technique on my part, or perhaps a problem with GoDaddy? Where does the problem lie?

    C. Have I been backing up for nothing? :\

    D. If I wanted to take abc.sql and bring it up to a brand new installation of WordPress, do I go through the 5 Minute Install before I import the abc.sql? Remember, I tried this first, and phpMyAdmin gave me the error about the “table already exists”, etc.

    Anybody care to school me on this MySQL backup/restore drill with phpMyAdmin, and how it applies to WordPress specifically? Searching the Codex docs and forums hasn’t really gotten me anywhere yet.

    Thanks in advance. I appreciate any insight.

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  • You cannot see it on another domain, since the WP URI and Blog URI values (that you set in the Options panel) are stored in the DB and they are pointing to your “real” address.

    yeah, the database has your old site settings in it, to backup the database, you just need to select structure and data and save as file

    Wow, you guys are fast! 🙂

    Moshu, would it be a reasonable approach to open the abc.sql database locally and do a Find and Replace on it, changing the WP URI and Blog URI?

    Or should I re-Export? I suppose I could re-Export from my main site, but what in the world would I do if that wasn’t an option?

    I’m glad I’m taking the time to grasp this now, rather than when it really matters. 🙂

    Thanks again.

    If you want to change those options at the new locations, here is the tutorial:

    Thanks, everybody. The tutorial was very helpful, and I made progress.

    Once I made the changes to these URI-related items, I logged in to my buddy’s blog with my old admin info. Ah, now I get it. Once I was in the admin area, it dawned on me that it was probably looking for a theme that wasn’t there. Indeed, that was the problem. I reverted to a WP Classic theme, which is evidently there upon install, and oila!


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