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  • I’m practicing a restore, so I copied my wp directories to my own computer, backed up the database, copied that, and used phpmyadmin to import it into my local mysql. I changed the wp-config settings to match — I think! — my local setup.

    One possibly complicating factor: I have temporarily changed my local settings so that my domain ( points to local /home/me/www. The idea is that then I can test things without having to change all the links.

    Everything sort of works, except that when I go to my restored local site, I’m presented with the install screen. When I change define('DB_HOST', 'localhost'); to the actual name (snowy) I get a message about “error connecting to database”.

    So it seems that wordpress is seeing the database I tried to restore, but not any of the contents.

    Why did that happen? How do I fix it?

    Thanks for any info or help you can give me!

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  • (This post didn’t show up for me for several hours, so I wound up double-posting.

    I posted a way around the problem at the other entry. Basically: go ahead and do a totally new wp install, then restore into that.)

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