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    So I had some problems with me website. I backup my database and now when I try to restore it i receive the following error

    SQL query:

    — — Dumping data for table wp_lupocommentmeta — INSERT INTO wp_lupocommentmeta (meta_id, comment_id, meta_key, meta_value) VALUES (1, 2, ‘akismet_result’, ‘false’), (2, 2, ‘akismet_history’, ‘a:4:{s:4:”time”;s:13:”1297181304.36″;s:7:”message”;s:28:”Akismet cleared this comment”;s:5:”event”;s:9:”check-ham”;s:4:”user”;s:0:””;}’), (3, 2, ‘akismet_as_submitted’, ‘a:40:{s:15:”comment_post_ID”;s:1:”2″;s:14:”comment_author”;s:19:”First | Călin Lupo”;s:18:”comment_author_url”;s:43:””;s:15:”comment_content”;s:22:”[…] About this […]”;s:12:”comment_type”;s:8:”pingback”;s:7:”user_ip”;s:12:”″;s:10:”user_agent”;s:50:”The Incutio XML-RPC PHP Library — WordPress/3.0.1″;s:8:”referrer”;s:0:””;s:4:”blog”;s:24:””;s:9:”blog_lang”;s:5:”en_US”;s:12:”blog_charset”;s:5:”UTF-8″;s:9:”permalink”;s:31:””;s:9:”user_role”;s:0:””;s:21:”akismet_comment_nonce”;s:6:”failed”;s:15:”SERVER_S[…]

    I can’t exactly figure out what is happening. Any ideas?


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    try instructions of this codex guide and see if it helps:

    Yes I followed the steps there.

    Meanwhile I figured it out. You have to delete the tables in the database before you upload the new one. And that step was not in the codex.


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    Glad you got it working. 🙂

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