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    I have done this before but never across servers only the same database to a hacked blog, after removing the fake user from the database… etc.

    The old server was GoDaddy (UGH I know) and so the file is named like

    There was an old URL and old Admin email, Username and Password as well.

    I tried uploading, and then altering those things, but still I can’t get the blog to show up.

    Can someone tell me what else I have to do to import this file? I see it in the DB, it’s the right file, as I recognize the content…

    At wit’s end.. My PHP Admin is a mystery to me but I’ve been able to use it before….

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  • Edit wp-config.php and maybe even .htaccess

    I’m not sure what I would be editing it for or why?

    I am sure it would take more than two minutes to read and understand the links. If you do not, you could hire someone who does.

    I simply need to know how to make the DB I have backed up flow into the new install on the new server. I have obviously fiddled with that a zillion times. I have edited the DB in MyPHPAdmin to match but it won’t work.

    Obviously the old DB had a different name, username, password.. but I just don’t know how to change it.

    You’re sending me on a dead end.

    Please read the info at links.

    I have managed to get the old DB into the SQL and to rename it to what it should be (xyz_123).

    I had previously in the Cpanel created:

    DB: xyz_123
    Username xyz_johndoe
    Password (matching the old DB)
    Added Username to DB xyz_123 with full permissions.

    I have adjusted the config file to match.

    Doesn’t seem to work with either the new or the old password. I am still not able to make the blog show up with the new (old) data.

    I am missing one more step. What is it?

    Check with your Web Host for the proper db address:

    define('DB_HOST', 'yourdbhostnamehere');

    Um it’s ‘localhost’. And it’s one of the four things that are configured in the Config file which I said I already knew how to do…

    And I got it working… after gleaning bits of info from other helpers in closed threads.

    All that was needed was, creating the DB, changing the name of the old DB, uploading the old one to the existing one in PHP Admin, deleting the old URLs in three places (after doing a search for them as a value), logging in with old U/PW, change to new U/PW… and voila… data is in a basic theme, and all is well.

    Three of those things were never mentioned as required steps… but I sweated for four hours and finally figured it out.. thanks… er… nevermind.

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