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    I was messing with something I shouldn't have messed with and ended up losing my blog. I changed both the

    WordPress URL
    Site address URL

    My site stopped working so I found this article which helped me get the blog back on line

    What I have done
    I went into my Wp-config.php and pasted in the following after the define statements


    They are the original urls that I changed - The site now works!

    However in the article it clearly states that they should be removed from the Wp-config.php file. When I do this the blog does not work again.

    I have created a function.php and pasted the information into it as instructed and saved to the theme directory but I still lose the blog if I remove the 'define' statements from the wp-config.php

    Can anybody please assist?

  2. define('WP_HOME','http://fablephotos.co.uk/wordpress');

    That set's it temporarily which is not good. You really shouldn't leave that there because what you really want is to update the options in the database.

    Try making a backup copy of your theme's functions.php file then add on the top these two lines instead to that wp-content/themes/Envisioned/functions.php file.


    Now visit your blog. That will then actually update the database with those two settings. Once that's done, revert the wp-content/themes/Envisioned/functions.php file back to the original version.

    After that you can also remove those two define( statements in yout wp-config.php file. Make sure you have a backup copy of that one too. ;)

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